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The Outcome and The Process: How to Set Effective Goals

If you want to achieve sustainable, meaningful, long-term benefits from your training, you should be setting goals. You may have heard or read about the importance of goal setting in fitness programs before. It’s true, [...]

Why You Should Set Performance-Based Fitness Goals

An important step in structuring your training is to set goals. Without well-established goals, it’s easy to waste time and effort on an exercise program and not achieve the results you deserve. When starting a [...]

Adjust Your Mindset: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Many fitness and nutrition programs are full of specific instructions on which exercises to perform and what to eat, but skim over (or completely omit) perhaps the most crucial element in improving fitness: mindset. While [...]

Start Here

This is my first article on this site, and I’d like to start by introducing myself. I’m Dr. Sharon Gam and I’m an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach, among other things. I’ve been [...]

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